Jerry Bruckheimer bought my life rights (twice).


Jen Friel's background in tech

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Tedx "anything but normal"
opening act

On October 22, 2016, I gave a TedX talk in Normal, Illinois called "The Business of Being Crazy" (later retitled "Make my day using social media"). Bee tee dubs, all of this was real - I spent just shy of a year working on this talk only to trash it hours before the presentation. During the technical rehearsal I recognized that I was full of $hit, so I spoke from the heart instead of my head. 

<editorsnote> The tweet I received from that celebrity came in at 5 am, and my talk opened the conference at 8 am.  If that's not lucky I don't know what is! Oh, and the "Facebook election echo chamber convo" happened a few weeks before the media started talking about it. I simply connected the dots from the conversation we were all having at dinner the night before. </editorsnote> 

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West texas investors club season 1 & 2

Self-made millionaires Mike "Rooster" McConaughey -- brother of Oscar-winning actor Matthew -- and Wayne "Butch" Gilliam made their fortunes deep in the heart of Texas. Now, they're looking to share their wealth with other entrepreneurs by investing in their companies. Along with close friend Gil Prather, the investors invite ambitious entrepreneurs from across America to come to West Texas to make their case to secure funding for their ventures. Think of it as "Shark Tank" with cowboy hats instead of tailored suits. What the hopefuls don't realize, though, is that a good product and a positive balance sheet aren't enough to get an investment from McConaughey and Gilliam; the guys only make a deal after getting a true measure of an entrepreneur's character. 

I pitched What's Up The App, LLC which curated events in niche tourism driven markets. It launched in Islamorada, FL in March of 2015. I got the deal, sold the app, and now have partners & friends for life. #raisetheroof


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Snorg tees & 5 episodes of Deal or no deal (#16 syndicated version)

I was a commercial model for a hot minute (I quickly realized I liked producing shoots and not being in them). I did however think it was cool back in 2009 when I was designing flashy HTML coding for a client's Myspace page and saw my own ad. Thanks Snorg Tees!

<editorsnote> Number one question you get asked after appearing on Deal or No Deal is, "did you know what amount was in your suitcase?" The answer is no. Two people knew the amounts in each suitcase, the executive producer Scott St. John, and the show's attorney.  </editorsnote>

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Talk nerdy to me, lover stage show

2012  Wrote, produced, and directed eight stage shows called the "Dirty Truth About Nerdy Girls" featuring the Talk Nerdy community. Production included dramatic interpretations of OKCupid emails, and improv storytelling. 

That Time Jalopnik met a relationship blogger

2012 Jalopnik, a Gawker owned company, wrote an article expressing their discontent that Chrysler picked a "relationship blogger" to test drive a vehicle. Spoiler alert: They might have been ticked, but everyone else loved it because generated a conversation in social media & the blogosphere about the Dodge Dart. 
Read the original article here & here's a blog in my defense

vidblogger nation

2011 Produced, and starred in three seasons of a Comcast on-demand series available in 50 million homes. Vidblogger Nation was a social TV network that features self-portraits by hometown tastemakers who share the stories of people, places and things in their city from a first-person perspective.

Fear of flying

2010  My neighbor had an actress bail for his project, so I helped him out by having a glorified "walk on role" as Ron Jeremy's girlfriend. After we were done filming, Ron knocked on my door and it resulted in a VERY uncomfortable half hour & a 30K viewed voicemail.

He's just not that into you

2009 I was an extra, and my elbow made it into the movie. This experience didn't lead to a breakout career in elbow modeling, but much like my idol G-Costanza, I'm still optimistic. 
::bee tee dubs I'm the master of ALL of my internet domains:: 

The prince and the pauper

2007 My (then) boyfriend's godmother cast this film. I played a news reporter and got to hang out with one of my FAVORITE actresses Sally Kellerman all while asking Dylan Sprouse what kind of underwear he wears. He was a teenager so that was totally not weird.

Crashed the Grammy Awards to meet Pete cashmore

2010 Every king needs a queen. I wanted to meet the "King of Social Media" so I did. It just happened to be at the Grammy Awards, and I didn't have an invitation, or a clue. BTW, this is how Ben Parr and I became such good friends. He saw the tweets and kept saying, "no, you can't do this!" and then when I did, he DMed asking if we could have drinks. 

The price is right

2005 Bob Barker furnished my first apartment in Los Angeles.  I was called to "COME ON DOWN" in the top four and won "It Takes Two." I then successfully spun the wheel advancing to the showcase showdown (ultimately losing out on a Buick LaSabre and a trip to Vegas). FYI, Bob did hit on me (the producer gives you an autograph photo as a "golden ticket"). I kept the photo and my dignity, as this pussy didn't require spaying. 

Crashed SNL after party (at age 17) 

2003 I finished high school at 16 and moved to NYC a year later. While there, I only knew one person - (now uber producer) Michael Schur. He was at the time a writer for Saturday Night Live, and he spoke at my high school the year before as an alumni. It wasn't an easy task, but again, got it done.