Jerry Bruckheimer bought my life rights (twice).


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Founder Louis Ziskin featured on the Quarter 4 cover of Carrier Management Magazine 2016.

Founder Louis Ziskin featured on the Quarter 4 cover of Carrier Management Magazine 2016.

Dropin, inc. 
Chief Marketing officer

Founded in May 2015 by entrepreneur Louis Ziskin, DropIn enables insurance and automotive professionals to "be in two places at once." For automotive, they have enabled a "go live" option on a dealer's online vehicle description page (VDP). This option creates a "virtual up" for the sales team, enabling the consumer to remotely and anonymously zero in on what they want to see on the vehicle before ever stepping foot in the dealership.

For insurance, DropIn is an on-demand, live video platform designed for the use of P&C companies, managing general agencies, third party adjusters, and managed repair networks. DropIn enables more precise underwriting risk, speeds claim time, enhances damage estimate accuracy, all while reducing indemnity and loss adjustment expenses.

DropIn enables customers to leverage streaming video and high-resolution photos captured using smartphones or drones to achieve better insight into the intricacies of auto and property damage for enhanced decision-making.

<editorsnote> I've learned, and continue to learn so much from Louis Ziskin (huge fan). Plus, I've had the opportunity to build out someone's entire google history; Not from an SEO or ORM perspective, I mean he literally started with a single google image and now has his own wiki page. That. Is. Awesome. </editorsnote> 

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VIP Bot writer

Octane AI was founded in 2016 by Y Combinator alum, former Ustream product manager, 2x Forbes 30 Under 30, and Chatbots Magazine creator Matt Schlicht; former Mashable co-editor and editor-at-large, CNET columnist, venture capitalist, Forbes 30 under 30, and Captivology author Ben Parr; and Omegle creator and owner Leif K-Brooks. Octane AI’s lead investor is Evernote founder Phil Libin at General Catalyst.

Octane AI came into existence as a result of the difficulty that exists in creating and managing chatbots. Matt became fascinated with messaging ever since he learned that the top messaging platforms are bigger and growing faster than the top social networks. His interest in messaging led him to create Chatbots Magazinethe Bots Group on Facebook, and the definitive beginner’s guide to chatbots.

The magazine and the group took off like rocket ships. Chatbots Magazine now captivates over 250,000 readers per month, and the Bots Group has become the largest community of chatbot developers in the world, with 17,000+ developers, investors and enthusiasts discussing bots, messaging, and artificial intelligence.

<editorsnote> My job is researching tone and writing bot content for musicians that I listen to ... 12 year old Jen is super happy with this life experience. </editorsnote> 

Co Founders Ben Parr, and Matt Schlict featured in the New York Times on April 4, 2017.

Co Founders Ben Parr, and Matt Schlict featured in the New York Times on April 4, 2017.

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Wikipedia page, Jen Friel

Wikipedia page, Jen Friel

Talk Nerdy to me, lover

Talk Nerdy To Me, Lover examined the lives of nerds outside of the basement, and into the social media and dating world. 

In May of 2010, I gave up everything that I owned and bartered social media to live for one year. I got to 12 states with $10 to my name, crashed the 2010 Grammy awards to meet Pete Cashmore, danced on stage with Prince, and went out on 103 dates in 9 months (documenting the organic root of attraction using the OkCupid algorithm). 

In July of 2014, Warner Brothers and Jerry Bruckheimer purchased life rights, trademarks, and intellectual property for TNTML. In August of 2015, Talk Nerdy was in a four way bidding war between NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX. CBS purchased the property as a pilot with a penalty.

<editorsnote> I have a career because of the readers of this website; I'll never forget that. </editorsnote>

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xoxo, your mom
founder/ writer

Current All the stories you wish your mother told and a few you're glad she skipped. 
Bonus LinkedIn resume skill: I know how to hold a glass while having champagne poured from a chandelier.
content creator

July 2015 - Sept 2016 Designed graphics and worked as part of the team that built the (an IAC property) social media presence, growing the site from 4,000 likes to over 500K in less than 9 months, with a routine reach of over 9.4 million on Facebook. 


What's Up The App

Dec 2014 - July 2015  What's Up The App, LLC curated events in niche tourism driven markets. Launched in March of 2015, it won a $50,000 investment on the CNBC show the West Texas Investors Club and sold in 2015.

June - Dec 2012 Reviewed movies based on the premise of whether or not they would "get you laid" (after a date). Gofobo's blog had over 9 million page views each month.

Suicide Girls

Jan 2012 - 2013  Freelance writer for alternative lifestyle website, Suicide Girls. Was also a frequent radio guest. 

Ford Fiesta Movement
Chapter 2 agent

Feb - Nov 2010 Served as a brand representative for Ford Motor Company, and was part of the largest social media campaign in the country known as the Fiesta Movement. (20 teams of two were picked across 16 cities to drive around in a Ford Fiesta, compete in a series of missions, and document their adventures in social media.) 


2012  Lead the digital team at io/LA in the Tech 4 Obama event hosted by Hill Harper, Digital LA, and Sharon Lawrence. In a few hours we generated 336 tweets with over 1.28 million impressions. My personal twitter account generated over 356,000 and I was named top influencer. We also got the hashtag “#Tech4Obama” to trend on twitter organically in Los Angeles.

"World's Best Girlfriend"

2012  I dared the men of the internet (that were in relationships) to hire an SEO to get their girlfriend's photo as the search result for a google image under the keyword "world's best girlfriend." I had no idea they would do that for me. Thank you.
It's still there, years later, just a wee bit further down the page.

Live Video

2007 - 2009 Create, produced and edited video blogs and live feeds under the channel "PhotoJeNic" on Channel grew to 600,000 loyal subscribers. <editorsnote> This was "social media" before "social media" was a thing. It took a REALLY long time convincing my friends and family that I didn't do web cam porn. </editorsnote>